Hatchling Happenings – Total Eclipse – SG Snow Eclipse – Radar – SHTCTB

It’s time to do another update on our hatchling happenings.  Here are some of the hatchlings we currently have growing in our collection.  We are expecting some of these geckos to grow to an acceptable weight and health to be shipped to good homes soon.  Expect to see some of these geckos to start showing up on our website OnlineGeckos.com within the next month.

Below is a beautiful radar male.  He looks wet because he had just hatched from a humongous egg:

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Hatchling Happenings – Saving a life

A week ago, we posted about a super giant raptor male hatching.  We showed you a picture of an egg that looked like it was ready to pop next to the raptor hatchling.  The good news is the egg did break open, a healthy bandit hatchling did come out of the egg.  Here’s a picture of the hatchling that came out:

bandit hatchling

But what’s strange is that one egg down below, with what it would appear a gecko’s nose sticking out of it.  When I saw it, I thought the gecko was in the process of breaking out of the egg.  So I put the cup back inside the incubator, and left it for a few more hours.

When I came back to check on the egg again, there was no progress, the egg looked exactly the same as before.  That’s when I thought I had a dead hatchling, one that died before making out of the egg.  So I took the egg out for a closer look. Continue reading “Hatchling Happenings – Saving a life”

Hatchling Happenings – Better late than never

In a typical breeding season, July is usually when your females stop ovulating and start eating again.  This is also roughly the time when most breeders are listing their hatchlings and juveniles that are ready to be shipped.  For us here at OnlineGeckos.com, this isn’t a typical breeding season for us.  Our females for some reason decided to breed late this year, and many of them are still laying eggs.

While our bold Bandit breeding group had a good jump start, majority of our other breeding projects have started late this season.  We currently have about 30 eggs in the incubator, many of which would take another 30 days before they hatch.  But, better late than never.  Two weeks ago we posted a picture of a beautiful super giant raptor female that hatched.  Today we had another super giant raptor hatch, this time a male.  Take a look at this beautiful gecko.

super giant raptor hatchling

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