Leopard Geckos For Sale

Leopard geckos for sale.  Here you will find some of the finest, captive bred geckos for sale.  Geckos are bred and raised by hobbyist gecko breeders with care.  For the full list of leopard geckos for sale with more pictures, please visit our Available Leopard Geckos For Sale page on our website.  You’ll see more pictures of these geckos on our main leopard geckos for sale page.

We provide high quality and healthy leopard geckos for sale.  Each leopard gecko for sale have their genetic background and parental information listed.  You can easily research Our Collection page to see what their parents look like.   Prices are based on looks, morphs, genetics, and market value.  We strive to provide you quality leopard geckos & african fat-tails at fair prices.

On Hold Requests – Special Sales

For On Hold requests, please use the drop-down menu selection when adding the gecko to the shopping cart.  You will be able to purchase geckos and at the same time place other geckos on hold.  The calculation will all be done for you automatically.  A gecko with strikethrough in price means that particular leopard gecko for sale has a reduced price.  We often run time-limited sales and discounts on our beautiful leopard geckos.  We will even post FREE geckos or package deals from time to time.  So keep an eye out for them.

Sexing Guarantees

All leopard geckos for sale are temperature sexed unless otherwise stated.  Female leopard geckos are incubated at 82 degrees, while male leopard geckos are incubated at 89 degrees.  TSF means Temperature Sexed Female, TSM means Temperature Sexed Male.  Sexing guarantees apply to geckos marked as “Male” or “Female” under sex.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Small Scale Hobbyist Gecko Breeders – Docile Geckos

As small scale hobbyist gecko breeders, we feed, clean, and handle each and every one of our leopard geckos weekly.  Twice a week we change out our gecko’s water and rewet their moist-hides.  This personal touch allows us to get to know our leopard geckos and fat-tails better.  Our leopard geckos for sale will usually include details in their description that you won’t read elsewhere.  When we indicate a leopard gecko is “extremely docile”, it means that particular gecko is very friendly, very easy to handle, and they will make great beginner reptile pets for folks just getting into this hobby.  It’s our stamp of approval for those looking for an easy to handle and friendly leopard gecko.

Free Shipping – Hamm Germany Reptile Shows

Shipping is $55 flat, and we offer FREE shipping for orders $350 or more.  Free shipping is activated automatically in the shopping cart after you put in your zipcode.  We also offer return customer and group discounts.  Be sure to contact us if you would like to work out a package deal.

Yes, we do ship to Terraristika Hamm, Germany Reptile shows.  The next one upcoming is December 14th, 2019.  If you would like to place an order with us and pick it up from Hamm, Germany, please read here for further instructions.  Thank you.


11-16-2022:  Sorry for the late update, but I have exciting news.  We may have discovered a new morph!  I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up just yet.  It will take us 2-3 years to test breed in order to validate our findings.  We will be focusing our efforts the next few years on test breeding, with our fingers crossed.  This means we will unfortunately not have any leopard geckos for sale this season, or the next.  We may release some quality holdbacks however, so please stay tuned.

For future updates on our possible new genetics discovery, please visit https://blog.onlinegeckos.com

Please check our official leopard gecko for sale page for new gecko listings

Please visit our ordering/terms page to learn more about payment, shipping, guarantees, and terms of order.  If you are new to leopard geckos, please visit our leopard gecko care guide to learn all there is about proper care and husbandry.  We also have a basic gecko tank setup page to help you get a leopard gecko terrarium built properly.

Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  By purchasing a gecko from us, you will receive lifetime support.  The care and well-being of the geckos we sell are our primary concern.  So you can trust the information we provide.