Hatchling Happenings – Saving a life

A week ago, we posted about a super giant raptor male hatching.  We showed you a picture of an egg that looked like it was ready to pop next to the raptor hatchling.  The good news is the egg did break open, a healthy bandit hatchling did come out of the egg.  Here’s a picture of the hatchling that came out:

bandit hatchling

But what’s strange is that one egg down below, with what it would appear a gecko’s nose sticking out of it.  When I saw it, I thought the gecko was in the process of breaking out of the egg.  So I put the cup back inside the incubator, and left it for a few more hours.

When I came back to check on the egg again, there was no progress, the egg looked exactly the same as before.  That’s when I thought I had a dead hatchling, one that died before making out of the egg.  So I took the egg out for a closer look.

gecko hatchling egg

The gecko wasn’t moving, it didn’t look like it was breathing at all.  I wanted to see what may have happened, maybe the gecko was deformed, or wasn’t developed fully.  So I gently teared the egg open a bit wider to pull the gecko hatchling out.  I pulled his head out slightly, the hatchling didn’t move, I was sure then the hatchling had died.  Then I pressed on the egg gently, down below where his stomach would’ve been inside the egg.  All of a sudden his eyes opened!  It was as if I just did CPR on the hatchling.

bandit hatchling

So now I was getting excited, did I just save a gecko’s life?  I went to slowly pull the hatchling out, gently and slowly, the hatchling slid out.  So there he was, with the cord still attached to his belly.  I put him on my hand.  By now I look like I had just delivered a baby.

bandit gecko hatchling

I really wasn’t sure if this lil guy was going to make it, but I prepped his bin anyway, with a nice warm moist hide and the usual decors.  I placed him in the bin and crossed my fingers.

Three days later, I checked on him again, and there he was shedding!  Shedding is great news, it means they are growing, and all hatchlings will shed once within the first week before they start eating.  Here’s the latest picture of this survivor, just got done shedding.

bandit hatchling

He’s looking to be a beautiful bandit gecko, with stunning straight tail stripes!  I’m very excited to see this baby which I delivered and saved, appearing normal, acting normal.  I’ll be giving this boy some extra TLC, and will keep you folks updated on his progress.

Thank you for reading.