Hatchling Happenings – Total Eclipse – SG Snow Eclipse – Radar – SHTCTB

It’s time to do another update on our hatchling happenings.  Here are some of the hatchlings we currently have growing in our collection.  We are expecting some of these geckos to grow to an acceptable weight and health to be shipped to good homes soon.  Expect to see some of these geckos to start showing up on our website OnlineGeckos.com within the next month.

Below is a beautiful radar male.  He looks wet because he had just hatched from a humongous egg:


And here’s a very good looking super giant mack snow eclipse:


Got to always love the simplicity and beauty of total eclipse (super snow eclipse), one of my personal favorites:


We continue to hatch out some of the finest looking super hypo tangerine carrot-tail baldies: