Did you know? Leopard geckos are great jumpers

Did you know?  Leopard geckos are great jumpers.  I witnessed my gecko jump from the floor of a standard 30x12x12 tank up to the top of the tank, 12 inches high.  It startled me at first.  Never in a million years would I have imagined this docile, slow moving gecko (our Zeus) would be able to jump that high.  Ever since that day I have not left any tank uncovered while unattended.  This serves as a warning to those that think their leopard geckos can’t get out of their uncovered terrariums.

I’ve heard stories of people losing their geckos when they have the tank’s top cover removed.  I’ve also read many accounts of people’s geckos escaping a temporary holding container, like a plastic critter container, while they were cleaning the terrarium out.  Just be aware that leopard geckos can jump very high, much higher than you think.  So don’t leave your geckos in any tanks or containers uncovered while unattended.

Leopard geckos don’t have sticky paws to climb glass with, they have claws instead.  But don’t be fooled, be safe, keep the tanks/containers covered.