Amazon Prime Day Sales 2022

Amazon Prime Day is coming! This yearly two-day sales event will happen on Tuesday July 12th and Wednesday July 13th, 2022. You will need an Amazon Prime account to take advantage of all the special deals. Think of this as Black Friday and Cyber Monday…but during the summer time. Not yet a member? Try Amazon Prime for 30-days free, no obligations, cancel anytime. OnlineGeckos have always posted good Prime Day deals related to leopard geckos and reptile care. Be sure to check back here as we post good discounts and sales for you. Are you a student? Amazon Prime is 50% off for you with Prime Student. You get an extended 6-month free trial!

Amazon Prime Day – Special Deals Tuesday July 12th

30% off Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1080, the best temperature gun for checking your leopard gecko tank’s floor temperature. Simply point, click, and get the temperature readings. Remember leopard geckos require belly heat with under tank heating pads.

$120 off Apple Watch Series 7 Smart Watch.

40% off SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Smartwatch with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health

44% off Insignia 32 inch Smart Fire TV.

Up to 60% off Fire Stick, Fire TV Sticks Starting at $11.99

Up to 40% off on Premium Beauty deals from Laneige, Grande Cosmetics, and more.

Up to 52% off on Razer Gaming Accessories.

Up to 42% off Amazon Basic kitchen products.

Up to 41% off on Pet Products from Nutro, Temptations, Greenies, and more.

Up to 50% off on Crest Teeth Whitening & Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes.

Up to 47% off on Household Essentials from Clorox, All, Swiffer and More.

Amazon Prime Day – Leopard Gecko Supplies

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Amazon Prime Day Sales 😉

Can’t wait until Amazon Prime Day? Need a leopard gecko habitat set up right now? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Follow the quick checklist links below for all the supplies you would need to provide the best care possible for your leopard geckos.

REPTI ZOO 10 gallon mesh top or 20 gallon front-opening tank – One leopard gecko can be housed properly in a 10 gallon tank. If you are looking to house two females, or simply would like to give your gecko a bit more room, a 20 gallon terrarium is preferred. These REPTI ZOO tanks are highly rated and very well made. They are shipped to you fast with Prime two-day shipping.

iPower under tank heating pad – Leopard geckos require belly heating. These under tank heating pads will go under the tank on the outside. You can read our leopard gecko heating requirement guide on how to use them. The under tank heating pads are sold in different sizes. You want 6″ x 8″ for a 10 gallon tank, and 8″ x 12″ for a 20 gallon tank.

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Floor Liners – For substrate, we recommend using either ceramic tiles purchased from hardware stores, or repti-carpet. These Zilla reptile floor liners work very well. You can replace them as needed. Remember to purchase two so you can clean and air-dry one, while having another in the tank at the same time. Stay away from loose substrates, they will cause impaction to your leopard geckos. Impaction could lead to expensive vet bills or even death.

Exo Terra Gecko Cave and Zilla Rock Lair – These are possibly the two best hides for leopard geckos on the market today. Both are highly rated by gecko enthusiasts, and tested by us here at OnlineGeckos. You want to provide at least 2-3 hides for your leopard geckos. One hide should sit on the warm side, above the warm under tank heating pad. Another hide should sit on the cool side, this hide lets your gecko rest as geckos can’t sleep for long on the warm spot. Lastly a moist-hide in the middle, this hide will allow your gecko to shed properly. It can also double up as a laybox for your females during the breeding season.

Eco Earth Coconut Fiber – Eco Earth Coconut Fiber is the best substrate available for the moist-hide/laybox. Do not use coconut fiber for the whole tank, as it will raise the humidity too high. Persistent high humidity could cause upper respiratory infection in leopard geckos.

Zoo Med Reptivite with D3 or Repashy Calcium Plus – You will need to dust your feeders with a multivitamin supplement. Either one of these supplements will work fine for you. We have used both extensively here at OnlineGeckos, both are quality multivitamin supplements. For details on your supplement routine, please read our multivitamin supplement guide here.

That’s it! You just need to make sure you have food for your leopard gecko. Leopard geckos require live insects. You can read our feeder nutrition article for details on what feeders to use. You can purchase feeders from your local pet stores, or online at Rainbowmealworms. We have used Rainbowmealworms as our feeder supplier for nearly 10 years. Click on the link for 10% off. Learn about the nationwide superworm shortage from our new article here.

Using a Digital Thermostat is optional, but we highly recommend it. Digital thermostat will regular the temperature of your under tank heating pad. JumpStart digital thermostat is a highly rated thermostat, we’ve been using it for many years. Read our leopard gecko temperature requirement article for more details.