Cute Geckos Communal Feeding – African Fat-tail Mealworm Dish

Cute Geckos Communal Feeding

These are two super cute geckos, caramel albino african fattails, during feed time.  Can you just imagine what they are saying?

cute geckos communal feeding caramel albino african fattail

Cute Geckos 1:  Hey so, are you gonna go?

Cute Geckos 2:  I’m thinking about it, that one is moving fast.

Cute Geckos 1:  Well if you aren’t going, then I’m gonna take a bite.

Cute Geckos 2:  Wait wait, I almost got it.

Cute Geckos 1:  3…2…1…

(Nom nom nom)

So which of these two cute geckos do you think got the first bite?