2018 Leopard Gecko Hatchling Update

2018 leopard gecko hatchling update lemon frost

We know this year’s 2018 leopard gecko hatchling update is late, and we do apologize.  A spike in workload during the past few months got us very busy.  But never fear, the pictures are here.  We know how much you love looking at gecko pictures.  We hope you enjoy what we have to show you in this article below.

2018 Leopard Gecko Hatchling Update – Before & After

One of the fun things we like to do is to show you the before & after pictures.  In this case pictures of the gecko hatchlings right out of the eggs, and what they look like 2-3 months later.  It is always interesting to see the changes they go through in such short time.  Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

2018 Leopard Gecko Hatchling – Mack Snow Eclipse 6/30/18

2018 leopard gecko hatchling update mack snow eclipse

After 8/22/2018

2018 leopard gecko hatchling update mack snow eclipse Continue reading “2018 Leopard Gecko Hatchling Update”

Hatchling Update and Leopard Geckos For Sale

In this hatchling update, we have many new hatchling pictures to share with you.  We are also planning on posting some 2016 releases and 2017 leopard gecko hatchlings toward the end of September and early October.  Please check our Available Leopard Geckos for Sale page for new geckos in the upcoming months.  We’ve already posted a beautiful Bell Blazing Blizzard female for sale.

onlinegeckos leopard gecko for sale bell blazing blizzard female

Hatchling Update September 18th 2017

Our hatchling racks are at near full capacity.  The way we handle new leopard gecko hatchlings is we leave them be and allow them to eat and grow for at least 2-3 months.  These early months are crucial to their development and health.  Gecko hatchlings that don’t eat well early on could develop metabolic bone disease (MBD), or other physical developmental issues such as being smaller and underdeveloped.  This is why even though we know people are eager to purchase these cute baby geckos, we do our best to not bother them too much during the first few months.

But as promised, we know folks like to see more gecko pictures.  We have plenty of hatchling pictures to share with you during this hatchling update.  First we’d like to show you a couple of before & after pictures.  Here’s a radar female born on 7-3-2017:

onlinegeckos.com leopard gecko radar hatchlings 2017

And here she is 2 months after, with a much more developed tail, and a more intense orange body color: Continue reading “Hatchling Update and Leopard Geckos For Sale”

Hello World! First Leopard Gecko Hatchlings of 2017

onlinegeckos.com leopard gecko hatchlings 2017 super giant

Houston, the leopard gecko hatchlings have landed!  Our first leopard gecko hatchlings of 2017 are finally here.  We’ve been waiting patiently, with fingers crossed, for these beautiful leopard geckos to hatch.  It takes roughly 65 days for females incubated at 80-82 degrees to hatch, so it has been awhile.

First Leopard Gecko Hatchlings of 2017

We weren’t quite sure whether our Tremper projects were going to hatch first, or our Bell projects.  Their eggs were laid at around the same time.  Looks like the Tremper projects beat the Bells this time.  We also have Rainwaters, Snows, and Tangs but they were laid a bit later.

onlinegeckos.com leopard gecko hatchlings 2017 super giant tremper

These are clutchmates, born less than 24 hours apart.  Their parents are two huge super giants; father a super giant extreme emerine, mother a very large super giant tremper sunglow.  We can’t wait to see how these hatchlings will mature.  They look like little Giants, and they are already eating 2 days after hatching!

Of course now that these have hatched, we know the Bells are coming next.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated!

onlinegeckos.com leopard gecko hatchlings 2017 super giants tremper



Best Reptile Pets For Handling – Beginner Pet Lizards – Leopard Gecko As Pets

best reptile pets for handling leopard gecko beginner pet lizzard

Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) make for great beginner pet lizards for hobbyists of all ages.  Crepuscular in nature, they are the most active during twilight around dusk and dawn.  Due to their gentle and docile temperament, leopard geckos are one of the best reptile pets for handling.  They are usually skittish when they are young, but they become much more docile and calm as they get older.

Best Reptile Pets For Handling

Leopard geckos tolerate handling very well.  They are coldblooded animals, so they will often lay on the palm of your hand to enjoy the warmth of your hand.  Unlike other gecko species, leopard geckos are ground-dwelling lizards with claws instead of sticky pads on their feet.  You can feel their claws when they hold on to you, but it won’t hurt as their claws are very small.

Leopard geckos rarely bite unless threatened.  Key to not spook a leopard gecko is by slow movements.  When approaching them with your hands, try to approach from the side of them and scoop them up.  If you approach from the backside and touch their tail first, they may get spooked.  When you see a leopard gecko wave their tail slowly back and forth, that’s their defensive posture.  This tail waving behavior means they are spooked and you should wait until they calm down before attempting to pick them up.


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Cute Bandit Leopard Geckos – Deino and Enyo


I was feeding the geckos one day and saw this as I opened their tank.  These two ultra cute bandit leopard geckos poked their heads out because they knew it was feeding time.  They are my reliable bandit female breeders, they’ve produced beautiful and healthy offspring for the past 4 years for us.  I don’t normally keep geckos in pairs, but these two have been living harmoniously since they were juveniles.  We saw no reason to break them apart, they never displayed aggressive behaviors toward each other.  These two are always excited during feed time, one prefer superworms the other prefer dubia roaches.  This was such a cute sight I had to snap a quick pic.  Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Cute Bandit Leopard Geckos – Deino and Enyo”