Cute Funny Geckos – Sleeping Ares Super Giant Mack Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko

Cute Funny Geckos – Sleeping Ares…Or Not?

Ares, our super giant mack snow raptor leopard gecko, is one of the many cute funny geckos we have.  The things I find him doing always make me laugh.  One day I was sneaking up to Ares to take a picture of him while he was sleeping.  I was walking slow, making as little noise as possible, and I was totally being stealthy…or so I thought.  As I was taking the picture, I noticed he had one eye open.  It was almost like him saying “Gotcha!  I see you!”

Cute Funny Geckos – Paper Towel Is A Hide Right?

Ares is a 12 inches 170g super giant leopard gecko.  Due to his size, I have issues finding hides that’ll fit him.  So while searching for a large enough cool hide for him, I had just laid a piece of paper towel there in the meantime.  Of course being a cute funny gecko, I should’ve known he would do something.

cute funny geckos ares super giant mack snow raptor leopard gecko

He went under the paper towel and somehow used it as a cool hide.  Even though he’s way too big for it, he still found a way to fit under.  Needless to say, nothing he could do surprises me anymore.