Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium

We’ve been watching for leopard gecko supplies holiday deals to see if we can find some good sales in 2017.  You can find some nice end of the year sales on reptile supplies during the Winter holiday season.  We are happy to share with you what we’ve found.  Now is a good time to stock up on gecko care and equipment supplies while saving some money.

Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon is where we often camp for good deals.  We like Amazon because with Prime Membership, you get unlimited fast free shipping.  This is extremely useful when you are doing last minute shopping.  You can start your 30-Day free trial here.  Even if you don’t want to pay for Prime, you can still enjoy all the benefits completely free for 30 days.  So say you want to take advantage of fast free shipping, start your trial, then cancel it before 30 days is over.  Think about the amount of shipping cost you’ll save with unlimited Free Two-Day shipping.

There are different Prime Membership for you to choose from as well.  If you are a student, you get to enjoy 6 months of free trial!  If you decide to keep Prime after 6 months, it’ll only cost you $5.49/month, that’s 50% less than regular Prime Membership.  Or you could cancel it and be charged nothing, while still enjoy 6 months of benefits.

If you are an EBT cardholder, you can also signup for a free 30-Day trial here.  After 30 days, Prime Membership will only cost you $5.99/month.  Or you could cancel it and be charged nothing while enjoying all the benefits of Prime such as unlimited free two-day shipping, unlimited movie/music streaming, unlimited amazon drive storage, and more.

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Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – Exo Terra All Glass Terrariums

We aren’t sure how long this special deal is going to last.  But this awesome Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium Medium-Wide (24x18x18) is only $116.29 right now, with free shipping for Prime members.  The regular price is usually around $149.  This is such a good price that we’ve even bought one for ourselves.  We plan on making a video on how to setup a leopard gecko tank with it, so stay tuned.

This tank is front-opening design, waterproof bottom, all glass, with good ventilation.  It is a very ideal leopard gecko tank, suitable for 1-2 adult sized leopard geckos.  At 18 inches tall, it’s high enough for you to design a second platform if you want to.  You could easily create more space for your geckos by using rock formation to build a cave and walkway for your geckos.  Having a second platform will be beneficial if you are going to be housing multiple leopard geckos, as it’ll give your geckos more room to roam.

We usually recommend another Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium that is shorter (24x18x12).  12 inches tall is plenty for a leopard gecko.  But at the moment there’s no special discounts for this tank at $144.99.  So you are pretty much getting a larger tank above (taller by 6 inches) while paying less.

If you are interested in the shorter tank, see the link below.  You have less room to build a second platform with the shorter tank, since your gecko will be able to reach the top of the tank.  But you can still do it if you design it well.

These Exo Terra All Glass terrariums make cleaning, feeding, and handling your geckos very easy with its front opening design.  They can be pricey, but that’s why we were watching them for any end of the year deals.  $116.29 is a very good price for the 28x18x18 so don’t miss out, you won’t find it cheaper.

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Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – Etekcity Laser Temperature Gun

If you haven’t gotten a laser temperature gun, now is your chance.  There’s a special sale on Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun at Amazon for $12.59.  That’s 40% off regular price.  It comes with Free One-Day shipping for Prime members.  Laser temperature guns are useful at testing your gecko tank’s floor temperature.  You simply point and click, and you get instant readings. This makes checking temperature easy, especially if you own multiple tanks.

Remember you need to know what the floor temperatures are inside your leopard gecko tank.  The stick on thermometers will only tell you the air temperature, which isn’t very useful since leopard geckos rely on belly heating.  Read our leopard gecko under tank heating guide for details on leopard gecko’s heating needs.  This is the same temperature gun we use here, #1 Best-Seller on Amazon.

Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – Zoo Med Reptile Shelter 3-in-1 Cave

We use this Zoo Med Reptile Shelter 3-in-1 Cave in several of our 20 gallon tanks.  They are placed usually in the middle of the tank, with half of the hide sitting on warm tile, other half on cool tile.  This keeps the cave slightly warm, but not too warm and not cold.  It’s the ideal moist-hide setting for leopard geckos.  The Medium size is currently on sale for $17.99, with free two-day shipping for Prime members.   Before holidays I remember seeing them for $22 + shipping.

You can use moist coconut fiber or wet paper towels to make this the perfect most-hide for your geckos.  Only downside to this hide is unfortunately some get damaged through shipping.  So inspect them carefully when you receive them.  Amazon makes returning items easy, should you have any problems, you can request to have another one sent to you.

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Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – Zoo Med Eco Earth Coconut Fiber

Zoo Med Eco Earth Coconut Fiber is what we use here for female moisthide and laybox substrate.  We generally purchase them in compressed bricks, because we use a lot of them.  But for general hobbyists, soaking a brick might not be convenient because you end up with a large quantity of moist coco fiber.  You could buy this bag and simply take out a small amount, moist it lightly with water, and you’re good to go.

This bag of Eco Earth Coconut Fiber is currently on sale for $11.69, that’s 57% off regular price!  You get free shipping also, it’s a pretty good deal.  This coco fiber is #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  This bag should last you for a very long time.

Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – 4-Shelf Shelving Unit

While this may not be considered “leopard gecko supplies”, this AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving unit is actually very good for stacking leopard gecko tanks.  If you’ve seen our setup, we stack 2-3 standard sized 20-gallon tanks on these shelves.  This saves you from having to put tanks on tables, cabinets, shelves, and places otherwise should be utilized for something else.  You’ll be able to stack the tanks and make them look neat and organized.

This 4-Shelf Shelving Unit is on sale for $37.97, and it comes with free Prime two-day shipping.  It’s highly rated, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller.

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Leopard Gecko Supplies Holiday Deals – Fluker’s Castle Crib Reptile Basking Platform

This Fluker’s Castle Crib Reptile Basking hide (Large) is on sale for $9.99.  It comes with Free Two-Day shipping for Prime members.   This is a pretty good price seeing Petco is selling it for almost $17.  We use this hide in nearly all of our 20-gallon tanks.  This hide serves as both a hide and water dish.  All of our leopard geckos with access to this hide use it on a daily basis.  That’s how we know the geckos approve, and thus why we recommend it.

This hide fits perfectly inside a standard 30x12x12 tank, you can see how it fits on our leopard gecko tank setup guide.  We do love this hide, and most importantly, our leopard geckos love and use this hide.  Highly recommended.

We will continue to update this page if we find any more special leopard gecko supplies holiday deals.  Remember these deals may go away at anytime, we don’t know when the discounts will end.  So if you find a deal you wish to take advantage of, act on it fast.

We recommend these supplies because we use them ourselves.  Click here for a comprehensive leopard gecko care guide if you are setting up a leopard gecko tank for the first time.  Happy holidays!

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