Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a very happy new year!  Here’s to hope everyone will have a healthy, safe, and successful 2014.  Here at OnlineGeckos.com, we look forward to providing you quality & affordable leopard geckos in 2014.  To jump start this new year, we are having a new year special.  It’s the return of the popular $28 shipping!  From now until January 31st, all shipping to U.S. is just $28 ($25 for CA residents).  Free shipping at $350 still apply.

We will be posting more geckos for sale in the upcoming weeks.  These are geckos that hatched late last year, so please stay tuned!  In addition, we’ll also be posting more youtube videos soon.  December is always a very busy month for us, so we do apologize for the lack of video updates.