Breeder Quality Leopard Geckos For Sale

We have a few breeder quality leopard geckos for sale. Pictured above is a mack snow raptor het diablo blanco (het blizzard) female. She was hatched from a Mack Snow Diablo Blanco x Super Galaxy het Tremper pairing.  Beautiful gecko, healthy, plump, and ready to breed!  Create your own diablo blanco, mack snow diablo blanco, mack snow raptor, super raptor, super galaxy, and more with this female.

Leopard Geckos For Sale – Mack Snow Radar Male


leopard gecko for sale mack snow radar male

This is a HUGE male with long body and tail.   He’s a mack snow radar, with 100% double solid red eyes.  Radar is a bell albino + eclipse, this combination gives the gecko ruby red eyes.  His genetics make him a great keystone breeder.

You can produce radars, mack snow radars, super radars, eclipses, bell albinos, and more with him.  Having a solid male breeder with solid genetics is crucial to having a good leopard gecko breeding group.  He’ll be great for anybody looking to work with bell ablinos, eclipses, and mack snow genes.

Leopard Geckos For Sale – Mack Snow Diablo Blanco Male

leopard gecko for sale mack snow diablo blanco male

Big, beautiful, awesome all white mack snow diablo blanco male leopard gecko.  He currently weighs in at 100g.  He is just stunning, it’s very rare to find a large high quality mack snow diablo blanco for sale.  He is the father of mack snow raptor het diablo blanco female above.  Purchase both and breed your own diablo blancos, mack snow diablo blancos, and super snow diablo blancos!

Leopard Geckos For Sale – Mack Snow Eclipse Female

leopard gecko for sale mack snow eclipse female

Another big girl!  This big and beautiful mack snow eclipse has 100% double solid black eyes.  With speckled snow patterns throughout her body and tail, she’s a superb example of a mack snow eclipse.  She’s extremely docile, very easy to handle.  She’ll make a great breeder and a wonderful pet.

Leopard Geckos For Sale – Tremper Sunglow Female – Pet Gecko

leopard gecko for sale tremper sunglow female

This is a very cute and docile tremper sunglow female.  She has sunshine yellow body, and a great carrot-tail.  This is a breeder release, she will make a wonderful pet to a loving home.

For a limited time, if you purchase Mack Snow Radar Male, Mack Snow Raptor het Diablo Blanco, or Mack Snow Eclipse Female, we’ll give you this tremper sunglow female for FREE. Just indicate in the order instructions/comments box when you place your order that you would like to have this tremper sunglow for free. There will be no additional shipping charges, she’ll be shipped to you free of charge along with your order if you order one of the other three geckos. First come first serve.

Leopard Geckos For Sale – Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot-tail Baldy Female

leopard gecko for sale super hypo tangerine carrot-tail baldy female free gecko

Since the Tremper Sunglow female already got sold, we’ve posted another FREE gecko.  This is a Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot-tail Baldy female leopard gecko.  She’s a proven breeder release, $40 to purchase solo.  But she is FREE if you purchase any other geckos we have up for sale.  Simply indicate in the comments/instructions box during checkout that you would like to take this SHTCTB female.  She’ll be shipped to you free of charge, along with your order.  First come first serve, don’t miss out on a chance at purchasing two geckos for the price of one.

If you are interested in any of these leopard geckos for sale, please visit our available leopard geckos for sale page.  We have included more pictures and details about these leopard geckos on the availability page.  Shipping is $25 in California, $45 rest of U.S., and we offer FREE shipping when you order $350 or more.  This means the Mack Snow Diablo Blanco male leopard gecko comes with FREE shipping, along with any other geckos you would like to purchase with him.

Whether you are an experienced breeder or a new hobbyist looking to get into breeding, these are fine leopard geckos for you.  If you are just starting out, I would recommend purchasing both males as their genetics are solid, and use them to start two separate breeding projects.  One can be your tremper albino project the other bell albino project.  Since both are also mack snows, you will have a wide selection of breeding choices to go with them.