Refocused, Energized, Ares SG Mack Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko Update

It has been 3 years since we introduced Ares to the world, remember this post.  Since then we’ve had some challenges finding suitable females to go with Ares.  People have been asking us to update on his progress so here it is.

We’ve tried no less than 6 super giant females with Ares, all but 1 have rejected him due to his size.  I mean he is 12 inches long, 170g, the largest female we have in our collection is around 120g.  So there are sizable differences between Ares and potential female breeders.

Every time we’ve tried, the females seem spooked by his size, and just started running, biting, tail waving, etc..  These are not normal behaviors by ovulating female leopard geckos.  So the only explanation we have is that they are simply spooked by his size. Continue reading “Refocused, Energized, Ares SG Mack Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko Update”

Introducing Ares – Super Giant Mack Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko

introducing ares super giant mack snow raptor leopard gecko

Introducing Ares, the largest super giant leopard gecko in our collection, one of the largest super giants in the world. Weighing in at 170g and 12 inches long. He’s a super giant mack snow raptor with double solid ruby red eyes. Extremely docile and calm, he is going to be a great breeder for us.

See his weight and length measurements here:

For breeding purposes, per Ron Tremper:

Super Giant X Super Giant = 100% Super Giant
Super Giant X Giant = 50% Super Giant / 50% Giant
Super Giant X Normal = 100% Giant
Giant X Giant = 25% Super Giant, 50% Giant, 25% Normal
Giant X Normal = 50% Giant / 50% Normal

Our cat just had to make an appearance in the video, you’ll see him towards the end of the video.  His name is Cairo, breed is Egyptian Mau, and he’s almost 2 years old.  I thought about editing it out but it’s something that you can’t plan for even if you script it, so I figured to leave him in the video for giggles 🙂

Hatchling Happenings

This past week, we’ve had a beautiful super giant raptor hatch.  She’s a temperature sexed female, hatched out of a very large egg.  The eggs were laid by a first time raptor breeder.  The male we are using for this project is a 160g super giant mack snow raptor, he’s a monster!  We are very excited about this project.  This is just a sneak peek, look for us to make more updates in the future.

Here’s the gecko, just hatched, with eyes still closed

super giant raptor hatchling

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