Hello Bell Albinos! Leopard Gecko Radar Hatchlings of 2017

onlinegeckos.com leopard gecko radar hatchlings of 2017

Right on schedule, the Radar hatchlings are here!  At OnlineGeckos.com, we were having a race to see whether our Tremper or Bell projects were going to hatch first.  The eggs were laid roughly at the same time.  The Tremper projects won as last week two beautiful super giant leopard gecko hatchlings were born.  Once that happened, we knew the Bell albino projects were coming next.

First Radar Hatchlings of 2017

These are not clutchmates (one male one female), but they share similar traits as both are from the same parents.  You’ll notice the very distinct reverse stripes down their backs.  This is a trait passed down from our male breeder, Kronos.  We absolutely love the reverse stripes, and we breed for it specifically.

onlinegeckos.com leopard gecko radar hatchlings of 2017

Radar Hatchlings – Genetics

Radar is Bell Albino + Eclipse.  This combination gives them ruby red eyes.  We love working with Bell Albinos.  When we first got into breeding in 2011, the very first leopard gecko we hatched was a bell albino het radar.  So we’ve been working with Bell albinos since the very beginning.  We still have our first boy, he’s quite photogenic, you may have seen him on our site before. Continue reading “Hello Bell Albinos! Leopard Gecko Radar Hatchlings of 2017”

Should I get a male or female leopard gecko as pets?

onlinegeckos.com should I get male or female leopard gecko as pets giant tremper sunglow

One of the topics we see popping up every now and then is the question, “should I get a male or female leopard gecko as pets?”  You are new to the hobby, and you are wondering whether male or female leopard gecko make the best pets.  In this article we will go over male vs female leopard gecko behavior, their differences, and what you can expect out of them.  Our goal here is to help you make informed decisions so you can pick out the leopard gecko pet that works best for you.

Male or Female Leopard Gecko As Pets – Temperament

Leopard gecko temperament isn’t determined by sex.  We have seen equal number of aggressive females as there are aggressive males.  Leopard gecko’s temperament comes down to individual geckos.  It’s worth noting that some breeders believe temperament can get passed down through breeding.  The idea is to breed a pair of gentle leopard geckos for a greater chance at producing offspring that are more docile in nature.   And vice versa, often when breeding a pair of aggressive geckos, their offspring tend to be more aggressive and skittish as a result.  This isn’t 100% however, as temperament is still quite unpredictable.

One thing that affects temperament above all else in our opinion is leopard gecko’s sexual maturity.  As we have discussed in another article, all leopard geckos go through puberty.  Male leopard geckos will first hit sexual maturity at around 6-8 months old.  Female leopard geckos will hit sexual maturity and ovulate for the first time at around 8-12 months old.  Their temperament tend to change a bit as males get territorial for the first time.  Females on the other hand will usually stop eating as they ovulate and potentially become gravid. Continue reading “Should I get a male or female leopard gecko as pets?”