Best Reptile Incubator 2017 2018 – Leopard Gecko Incubation – Natures Spirit

best reptile incubator Natures Spirit leopard gecko incubation eggs

Leopard gecko hobbyists often ask, “my leopard gecko laid eggs, what do I do?”  The topic of leopard gecko incubation often comes up unexpectedly.  Maybe you didn’t know the group of leopard geckos you are housing together contained a male.  Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to get into leopard gecko breeding, so the eggs are a pleasant surprise.  In this article we’ll discuss the best reptile incubator money can buy in 2018.  We will also go over specifics of leopard gecko incubation, such as ideal incubation medium, temperature sexing, incubation temperature, and egg incubation period.

The Best Reptile Incubator 2017 – 2018 – Natures Spirit

The best reptile incubator of 2018 is without a doubt, Natures Spirit incubator.  It measures a whopping 24″ Tall x 24″ Deep x 19″ Wide.

best leopard gecko incubator Natures Spirit reptile eggs incubation

These Natures Spirit incubators are solidly built.  They come with 2 removable shelves, a large clear plexiglass door for easy viewing, heavy duty secure latches, air circulation fan, and they weigh only 40lbs.  Put it all together, you have the best reptile incubator available for small to mid-sized breeders, no matter if you are an amateur gecko hobbyist or professional breeder. Continue reading “Best Reptile Incubator 2017 2018 – Leopard Gecko Incubation – Natures Spirit”

Hello World! First Leopard Gecko Hatchlings of 2017 leopard gecko hatchlings 2017 super giant

Houston, the leopard gecko hatchlings have landed!  Our first leopard gecko hatchlings of 2017 are finally here.  We’ve been waiting patiently, with fingers crossed, for these beautiful leopard geckos to hatch.  It takes roughly 65 days for females incubated at 80-82 degrees to hatch, so it has been awhile.

First Leopard Gecko Hatchlings of 2017

We weren’t quite sure whether our Tremper projects were going to hatch first, or our Bell projects.  Their eggs were laid at around the same time.  Looks like the Tremper projects beat the Bells this time.  We also have Rainwaters, Snows, and Tangs but they were laid a bit later. leopard gecko hatchlings 2017 super giant tremper

These are clutchmates, born less than 24 hours apart.  Their parents are two huge super giants; father a super giant extreme emerine, mother a very large super giant tremper sunglow.  We can’t wait to see how these hatchlings will mature.  They look like little Giants, and they are already eating 2 days after hatching!

Of course now that these have hatched, we know the Bells are coming next.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated! leopard gecko hatchlings 2017 super giants tremper



Importance of incubators

For a leopard gecko breeder, there are a few things that affect your season’s success. One of which is finding good breeder geckos, something we covered in a previous Gecko Breeder Chronicle article. The other however, is having good incubators. As a breeder, your eggs are everything. Without the eggs hatching, you have no season, and you can’t advance your projects.

Importance of Incubators – Unexpected Failures

During our first year of breeding, we had an incubator that died overnight.  There were 12 eggs in that incubator, and all 12 turned out bad. It was not surprising to us that the eggs went bad after the incident, we expected it. Although it was disheartening, because the eggs looked firm and fertile before.  They were from several projects we were working on that year, many of which included our Super Giant and Radar projects. That incubator was incubating for males, so we had a season with no male holdbacks to further our projects. Continue reading “Importance of incubators”