Cute Bandit Leopard Geckos – Deino and Enyo


I was feeding the geckos one day and saw this as I opened their tank.  These two ultra cute bandit leopard geckos poked their heads out because they knew it was feeding time.  They are my reliable bandit female breeders, they’ve produced beautiful and healthy offspring for the past 4 years for us.  I don’t normally keep geckos in pairs, but these two have been living harmoniously since they were juveniles.  We saw no reason to break them apart, they never displayed aggressive behaviors toward each other.  These two are always excited during feed time, one prefer superworms the other prefer dubia roaches.  This was such a cute sight I had to snap a quick pic.  Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Cute Bandit Leopard Geckos – Deino and Enyo”